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Thehistory of Houston can be broken down into different eras spanning variousdevelopments. Times before 1836 was when Houston was inhabited by the Karankavaand the Atakapa tribes. These tribes held the place in their hands for over2000 years before the establishments of the first settlers. 1836 to 1845 sawthe shift of power of Houston during the times of the Republic of Texas. In theyear 1837, the Texas Congress was formed, and they met for the first time. Manyproblems of the state were addressed and resolved by the leaders of thestate. 

Houston,as a place, was formed in the Texas region, and the people were referred to asthe Houstonians. The road and railroad services were constructed and began in afull-fledged manner during the early 1850s. The Civil War lasted from 1861-1865where Houston was made a regional center during the times of the Confederacy.Post Civil war, there were a lot of changes that took place in terms of powerand rule. Theprogressive era saw a lot of development in the city of Houston.

Oil became animportant export ingredient. This was managed well, and Houston earned a namefor itself in the state of Texas. In 1912, the Rice University and instituteopened making way for a lot of educational developments. The great depressionaffected a lot of Houstonians in different ways, and they were all made to findalternatives. The city somehow recovered quickly. Post the great depression upuntil the recent years, Houston is said to have positive upscale growth. 

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